Relationship Workshop

Succeeding at your relationship

The core principles of creating a loving relationship

If you find yourself in one failed relationship after another or thinking that relationships are difficult and hard work, the first place to look is within yourself. When you get a better understanding of yourself and how relationships truly work, your romantic life will be transformed. This is the aim of this workshop, to give you the right knowledge and skill to make a great relationship happen.

Workshop Outline

Core Self
Our self-concept and self-confidence strongly affects our capacity to give and receive love. It also influences who we chose to fall in love with and the kind of relationship we form with our partner. We will look at who you are as an individual and what your aims are for a relationship and from a romantic partner.

Childhood and Past Relationships
Childhood experiences and parental dynamics are the starting point for understanding why we do the things we do and why we pick the partners we do. By looking at the past we learn that we have a choice, either to keep re-enacting the past or to reconstruct our future.

Creating Attraction and Desire in a Relationship
We will discuss what creates attraction between a man and a woman. People also often complain that passion dies in a long-term relationship after the initial raw sexual attraction has settled. I will help you understand why this happens and how to prevent it from your future relationships.

Future Vision
We will look to the future and your hopes from a long-term relationship. A person without clear intentions and objectives about what they want from their relationship can only sit back and hope for the best. You will learn how to actively get involved and create the kind of relationship you want.

Who this workshop is for

Singles and Couples
This workshop is open to singles and couples who want to learn more about relationships. If you are tired of working really hard at your relationships but never really quite getting what you want from a relationship or your partner, this workshop is for you.

What you’ll get from the workshop

After the end of the workshop, I hope the information and insights you gain can help you start making some noteworthy changes in your relationships.

By recognising and undoing old patterns of thought and behaviour that do not work, you can start implementing new ones that do, helping you develop more fulfilling relationships.

Feedback from Previous Talks

I found this really engaging; love the science, no nonsense delivery, expansive approach and of course the psychology.

I found the talk very interesting. It helped me see things from an angle I I had not viewed them from before.
Steve S.

I really enjoyed it. So much to take away.
Tom O

Was most definitely an ‘interesting talk’, packed with information. Dr. Bejanyan was extremely knowledgeable and the delivery was excellent. Great value for money, thank you!