Life in Conversation

Life in Conversation is a co-production by Kathrine Bejanyan (PhD) and Ian Geddes. Born of our own personal journeys and honest conversations, we want to provide a platform for informed, authentic discussions around a number of critical social issues missing from mainstream media. Our purpose is to open the dialogue around relationships, gender, culture and identity topics in modern society, free of inhibition or restraint about discussing the real concerns behind these topics. Our hope is to raise awareness, as well as provide skills and resources to those struggling in any of these areas.

Particularly will be focusing on modern romantic relationships. As we see these relationships continuously evolving and moving away from traditional gender roles, people are seeking more meaning and significance from their romantic partnerships. Without a clear script, couples are having to negotiate their own terms – sometimes successfully, other times not. Thereofore, we want to address the needs and concerns of the 21st century relationship (i.e. dating, intimacy, fidelity, etc.).