About Kathrine

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan is a practicing therapist and relationship consultant in Central London. She works with individuals and couples on dating and relationship focusing on building deeper intimacy, connection and authenticity in relationships. 

Kathrine holds a PhD in Social Psychology and a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a license as a Marriage Family Therapist from the United States. Her PhD research focused on romantic relationships cross-culturally, where she studied love, mate selection and difficulties in marital life in the East and West.

Kathrine’s mission

Kathrine’s mission is to demystify relationships and help people connect with themselves and their partners in a genuine, authentic way.

Kathrine is an experienced speaker with regular speaking engagements on topics covering gender, dating, relationships, and culture.

Outside of her private practice, Kathrine also does consulting work for a high-end dating agency and teaches university modules on social and cultural psychology.

She uses her ongoing therapeutic work, academic background, consulting and teaching to support her speaking engagements and keep her material engaging, relevant and current.  

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Potential Speaking Topics

  1. How to get more love in your relationships
  2. Why you’re not married yet
  3. Why your relationship feels like such hard work
  4. Why your relationship is failing
  5. Why falling in love is not enough
  6. Why nice guys finish last and what to do about it
  7. The psychology of cheating; why people cheat in relationships
  8. How men & women talk to each other

I am also happy to consider putting together a custom talk for your audience.  Please fill out the form below to get in touch.

Previous Talks

Interesting Talks, London, UK (Presenter)

The Psychology of Relationships 06/17

Why Nice Guys Finish Last and What to Do About It! 09/17

Cultural Experiences Abroad, London, UK (Presenter)

Culture Shock and Adaptation (I’ve given this talk several times and will continue to do so several times a year)

Anglo Educational Centre, London, UK (External Lecturer)

Module on Cultural Psychology 01/17-03/17

Brunel University, London, UK (External Lecturer)

Module on Social Psychology 01/17-03/17

Goldsmith’s University, London, UK (Presenter)

Psychology Meets Business 10/16

European Congress of Psychology Conference, Sweden

Striking the Perfect Balance: Career Aspirations and Family Responsibilities 07/13

Feedback from Interesting Talks

I found this really engaging; love the science, no nonsense delivery, expansive approach and of course the psychology.

I found the talk very interesting. It helped me see things from an angle I I had not viewed them from before.
Steve S.

I really enjoyed it. So much to take away.
Tom O

Was most definitely an ‘interesting talk’, packed with information. Dr. Bejanyan was extremely knowledgeable and the delivery was excellent. Great value for money, thank you!

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