The search for your someone special can often be time consuming and tiring. Can’t go on another deadend internet date, meet yet another person your friends think would be perfect for you, hang out at another dingy bar with a drink you don’t want, wishing you were home in your cozy bed? Tired of explaining for the hundredth time why such a lovely person like yourself is still single?

If you feel like you’ve tried it all with no results, we can help.

The Executive Club of St. James’s is an exclusive dating agency were we take great effort in screening and only welcoming those individuals who would be great potential partners and are serious about finding a long-term partner. We screen for cheaters, liars, players, those who are too aggressive/weak, financially unstable with large debt, good diggers, etc.

How do we do this? Among other things, we conduct an initial comprehensive 3-5 hour interview with each new client to assess everything from their relationship history, physical/mental/emotional health, attitudes, values, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. Only myself and my business partner, and owner of the company, ever screen clients to ensure credibility for our work and complete confidentiality of a potential new member.

If you like to learn more or want to be considered for membership, feel free to contact me directly or visit our website