Full Day Individual or Couple Intensive

Accelerate your understanding of yourself and your relationship patterns

Personalised and Focused Dating and Relationship Consultation

The full day is an in-depth and highly concentrated dating and relationship consulting designed with a clear purpose in mind – uncover deep-rooted dating and relationship problems specific to you and identify how you can break-through and shift these patterns for better future outcomes.

It is intended for those wanting to accelerate their understanding of themselves and their relationship patterns and gain valuable insights in a shorter period of time. It is rigorous and focused on helping you gain the necessary clarity and insight to make critical changes for you to get improved relationship results.

The workshop lasts for 5 hours (work through lunch), is one-to-one and fully confidential.


For an individual, the day is intended to be a complete immersion into yourself. Will explore your life history, discussing your relationship with your family, your romantic relationship patterns, and life choices to get a complete understanding of who you are as an individual.

We will then identify how your ideas about relationships have formed and whether any of these conscious or unconscious beliefs are hindering you from developing a healthy (long-term) relationship. At the end of the session, you will have gained clear insights into yourself and any erroneous attitudes you hold about men/women and relationships.

I will help you understand what shifts you will need to make to create a loving and connected relationship.

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For couples, the day is intended to be a full immersion into the relationship. We will work together to untie the complications in the relationship and pinpoint the specific problems and challenges facing the couple.

The goal of the session is to help couples gain clarity about their situation, relief from some of the pain, confusion and anger that may be associated with their circumstances.

At the end of the session, each person will have a better understanding of the part they play in creating the negative dynamic in the relationship and how to change it for a better outcome.*

To book your place, please message me using the form below.

Please note, the session is not necessarily intended to reconcile the relationship, as all couples may not want to stay together; however, the purpose of the session is to help couples gain insight into themselves, their partner and the relationship. It aims to help them release the toxic energy and patterns that may have built-up between them and gain better insights into how to proceed forward, whether they remain together or decide to part ways.    


Be prepared to have your mind blown with the new insights Kathrine will offer you.

Do the full day intensive, you owe it to yourself (don’t worry you get snacks, plenty of water and coffee)!

I have not experienced anything like her before, I made profound shifts very fast, all she does is custom to you, I now feel more empowered, kind and most of all bloody clued up!

Angela S