I work with both singles and couples on their relationship goals.

I work by initially holding a consultation session with you. Based on our consultation, I put together a specific relationship counselling plan for you. The plan will include specific relationship topics I will cover during each session that are relevant for your needs, as well, as a timeline of our work together. We then get started. By the end of our time together, you will have learned about how happy, healthy relationships work and understand how to create one for yourself.

Relationship Counselling

We see what we want to see and our partner does the same to avoid being alone or bringing up problems in the relationship , until it’s too late…

What many of us think of as a relationship is often just a need to fill the void; a desire to be with someone to avoid feeling empty, alone or afraid. A genuine relationship, however, is created by the deep, sincere connection between two people, a connection built through openness, honesty, and authenticity – not through a series of guidelines of do’s and don’ts found in articles in magazines and social media.

Establishing and maintaining a relationship is not a mechanical process that can be manipulated by tactics and strategies. You can’t just use the ‘right’ formula(e.g. calling the right number of times, writing clever texts, appearing detached etc.) and expect to a great relationship. Unfortunately, people often try to deal with the complexities of their romantic life by turning to rules or pretending to be someone they’re not to keep their partner interested.

My approach is to help people move past using tactics and game playing to keep  their relationship going. Through my relationship counselling, I help people get to to a place in their relationship where it’s no longer a source of fear or anger, that needs to be constantly manipulated, but a soft spot to fall on when you’ve had a hard day.


For couple sessions:

  • Initial session for assessment is £125 and lasts for 80mins
  •  Prices for consecutive sessions will be discussed during the assessment meeting (concession fees may be possible depending on availability)
  • Length of sessions are typically 80 mins long

For fees on group sessions and workshops please contact for individual consultation.

Sessions focus on:

  • In-depth understanding of how relationships actually work and what you’re doing wrong
  • Uncovering past experiences (i.e. baggage from previous relationships or childhood experiences ) that may be influencing your relationship today
  • Examining your current relationship
  • Helping you gain insight into yourself and your partner
  • Helping you understand the dynamics of your relationship
  • Teaching you easy conflict resolution
  • Teaching you how to create connection and intimacy within your relationship
  • Addressing any other additional, relevant information to your specific situation

With this knowledge and by applying the practical skills I will teach you, you and your partner will be able to get back on track and create a relationship that is full of happiness, love and intimacy.

Over a period of several years I had a string of failed relationships, all boiling down to my past issues and how they were negatively affecting my interactions with partners. After my last relationship ended I was more discouraged than ever before, not knowing how to fix things. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Bejanyan for therapy. Although I was hesitant at first, I found the therapy to be enlightening and healing. I am now feeling a lot more hopeful about the future as I’ve been able to work through my issues.

Nick S

Singles/Dating Counselling

We show our ideal self when dating, but want someone to love us for who we truly are – so how do you bridge the gap?

Our dating culture has trivialised finding a partner and building a relationship based on truth and integrity. We have become conditioned to go on lots and lots of dates with lots and lots of people.  In the process we lose sight of individual worth and relationship values.

My aim is to undo this unsuccessful destructive, conditioning. I teach my clients the real meaning of a relationship, help them learn how to build on the values of a successful partnership and give them the tools to choose the right type of person for them, instead of just going on date after date with no results.

A Wiser Way To Date – Getting Back To Basics

Nowadays, especially in large cities like London, people will date for the sake of dating. The magic of dating, the specialness of spending time with someone and getting to truly know them has been replaced by an emphasis on volume.

A much wiser and more effective way to find a partner is to narrow down your search, being very clear about who you are and what you are looking for.  In that way you can date with a higher rate of success and enjoyment rather than ricocheting from date to date, , becoming exhausted and cynical gradually losing hope that you’ll ever find “the one”.


For individual  sessions:

  • Initial session for assessment is £100 and lasts for 60mins
  •  Prices for consecutive sessions will be discussed during the assessment meeting (concession fees may be possible depending on availability)
  • Length of sessions are typically 50 mins long

For fees on group sessions and workshops please contact for individual consultation.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Looking at your past relationships and understanding why you’ve chosen the partners you have
  • Understanding how you date and who you date
  • Help you understand what’s gone wrong in past relationship
  • Help you identify what attracts you in a potential partner and if this is helping or hindering you
  • Teaching you how attraction between the sexes work
  • Teaching you dating skills and how to build a deep connection with the right partner
  • Determine if what you want and what you are actually doing to attract a partner are working (i.e. wanting one thing, but unintentionally doing the opposite giving the wrong signals or attracting the wrong type of partner)
  • Addressing any other information relevant to your specific situation

By helping you understand who you are, and determining your values and the values you need to find in the right potential partner for you, you will learn how you can attract the right person and create the kind of relationship that you crave.